ELAG 2020 dinner reception will be held at “Art center NOASS” on the 11th of June 19.00 – 22.00.

Noass is one of the oldest non-governmental arts and culture organizations in Latvia. NOASS’ goal is to participate in the formation of the Latvian and European cultural environment. In the main, NOASS supports the realization of contemporary arts projects in an urban environment, making art part of the daily lives of residents of Riga and visitors to the city. For more information on the venue please visit webpage http://www.noass.lv/

Thursday June 11, 2020 7 pm / 19:00 – 10 pm / 22:00

Public transport 2., 4., 5., 10. tram (stop Valguma iela) 9. trolley (stop Latvijas Nacionālā bibliotēka) 3., 4., 4z., 7., 8., 22., 25., 30., 32., 35., 38., 39., 43., 54., 55. bus (stop Latvijas Nacionālā bibliotēka)

From public transport stop go along Kuģu street till hotel “Radisson BLU Daugava”, where against you can see AB dam/ park and on the left you can see floating galleria BETANOVUSS and NOASS.

By foot:

Direction from Riga center – crossing Stone bridge (Akmens tilts) on the right side, first stairs down lead to the AB dam/ park where on the left side you can see galleria BETANOVUSS and NOASS.